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International Ventilator Users Network - IVUN

International Ventilator Users Network, IVUN is an affiliate of Post-Polio Health International, PHI. The oranization's mission is "... to enhance the lives and independence of home ventilator users and polio survivors through education, advocacy, research and networking."

Ventilator-Assisted Living, the bi-monthly newsletter of IVUN, is distributed electronically and is stored at www.ventnews.org

A Resource Directory lists health professionals, networking groups, ventilator equipment, manufacturer's addresses, long-term care facilities, as well as organizations and associations worldwide.

Research studies and funding are promoted. In addition, IVUN disseminates information from conferences on breathing and sleep and home mechanical ventilation. 

 In addition are informational brochures such as, Home Ventilator Guide, and "Take Charge, Not Chances," an important document for users of home mechanical ventilation to assist them in being prepared for health emergencies.

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