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"Books" includes volumes written by physicians and researchers about the late effects of polio and post-polio syndrome. Biographical and autobiographical works about the polio experience dating from the 1950s to present are also included. 

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Post-Polio Syndrome

Halstead, Lauro and Grimby, Gunnar

A reference for clinicians in neurology and rehabilitation medicine.

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Rolling On: The Story of the Amazing Gary McPherson

Hankins, Gerald W

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The Warm Springs Story: Legacy & Legend

Harmon, F. Martin

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Polio & Us

Harnett, Nuala, ed.

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101 Accessible Vacations: Travel Ideas for Wheelers and Slow Walkers

Harrington, Candy B.

Contains destination information for over 101 cities in the US. Includes sections ranging from Road Trips and The Great Outdoors to Historic Haunts and Cruisin'.

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Go Beyond: Coping with Disability

Hartley, Jean

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Polio and Us

Hartnett, Nuala (Editor)

This book features personal stories of 29 polio survivors in Ireland. A legacy initiative of Post -Polio Support Group, the book's well-chosen photographs add to the experience. This is downloadable free of charge from www.ppsg.ie.

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Polio: A Special Ride?

Hawksford, Diane Zemke

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Love (collection of poems)

Hayes, Opal Marie

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Memories to Cling

Henderson-Harold, Lilly

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