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The Infantile Paralysis Fight at Tuskegee (1946)
The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis

"Artificial Elbow Flexion" (1952)
George J. Boines, MD

"Oral Fat Emulsions Combined With Protein Supplements in the Management of Acute Poliomyelitis" (1952)
George J. Boines, MD. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 56(1):99-103.

"Nutrition in Poliomyelitis" (1953)
George J. Boines, MD. Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 1(5):355-63.

Hengitys Laite Potilas (1965) (Finnish)
Hengityslaitepotilaat ry.

Horticulture as a Therapeutic Aid (1973)
Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, New York University Medical Center

Gazette Internationale (No. 5, 1974) (French)

Respiratory Polio Rehabilitation (1980)
University of Manitoba Medical Journal. Vol. 50, No. 3.

Disability and the Aging Process: A Longitudinal Follow-up Study of poliomyelitis Patients in Manitoba (1984)   Part A    Part B
Joseph M. Kaufert, PhD. University of Manitoba.

Polio Survivors: Their Quality of Life (1984)
Harriet E. Bell; Doctoral dissertation, Columbia Pacific University

Late Effects of Poliomyelitis (1985)
Lauro S. Halstead, MD and David O. Wiechers, MD, eds.
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"Polio's Painful Legacy"
Joy Horowitz. The New York Times Magazine. July 7, 1985.

Ontario March of Dimes Survey: Late Effects of Poliomyelitis (1985)
Doug Rankmore; Wayne Oake

Proceedings of the Ontario March of Dimes Roosevelt Post-Polio Seminar (1985)
Ontario March of Dimes

"Customized respiratory mask provides patients with alternatives" (1986)
Spokes, Dallas Rehabilitation Institute

"The Late Effects of Poliomyelitis" (1986)
Rehab Brief (Vol. IX, No. 9). National Institute of Handicapped Research.

Research and Clinical Aspects of the Late Effects of Poliomyelitis (1987)
Lauro S. Halstead, MD and David O. Wiechers, MD, eds.
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Care of Poliomyelitis (c. 1980s) (Cantonese)
Robert J. Ronald, Sj; Rotary Club of Taipei-Tienmou

Anterior Poliomyelitis: Three Lectures Given to Columbus Polio Group
VJ Erickson

Report on Latent Effects of Polio (1986)
Department of Health and Human Services

National Health Interview Survey (1987)
National Center for Health Statistics

The Late of Effects of Polio: A Descriptive Survey of the Post Polio in British Colombia (1989)
Post-Polio Awareness and Support Society of British Colombia (PPASSBC)

Managing Post Polio Problems (1989)
Parts I - II   III   IV - VI   VII - IX   X - XI

Post-Polio Awareness and Support Society of British Colombia (PPASSBC)

Poliomyelitis Anterior Acuta: Die Spatfolgen (1991) (German)
Thomas Chr. Lehmann, MD

Stay Well!: The Polio Network's Manual for a Healthy Promotion Program (1991)
Forward  and Table of Contents
Starting a Community Health Promotion Program
Curriculum Guide For Facilitators
Follow-up Activities and Conclusion
Michigan Polio Network. Sunny Roller, MA and Frederick M. Maynard, MD, eds.
A hard copy may be obtained by contacting Michigan Polio Network.

1993 Report on Home-Based Long-Term Care
Polio Survivors Association

Polio Survivors Guide (1994) (Thai)
The Foundation to Encourage the Potential of Disabled Persons

The Late Effects of Poliomyelitis: A Resource Guide for Survivors (1994)
Philip G. Ruiz, Abilities Foundation of Nova Scotia

Personal Reflections on Consumer Involvement on Advisory Boards and Councils: An Issue of Uncommon Common Sense (1995)
Jack K. Genskow, PhD, CRC

The Hassles of Living with Post-Polio: Some Survival Strategies (1995)
Mary T. Westbrook, PhD

Guidelines for the Prevention of Deformities in Polio (1995)
World Health Organization

Current Trends in Post-Poliomyelitis Syndrome (1996)
Daria A. Trojan, MD, MSc; Neil R. Cashman, MD

Early Memories of Having Polio: Survivors' Memories Versus the Official Myths (1996)
Mary T. Westbrook, PhD

Post-Polio Syndrome Update (1997)
Points forts d'une table ronde du groupe de travail polio (1997) (French)

BioScience Communications

Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS): Making a Practical Impact on Your Patients Life (1997)
Syndrome post-poliomyelite (SSP): Ameliorer concretement la vie des patients(French)

ICN Canada; Daria A. Trojan, MD, ed.

Managing Post-Polio: A Guide to living Well with Post-Polio Syndrome (1998) (Japanese)(Italian)
Lauro S. Halstead, MD, ed.

Polio: A Challenge for Life (1998)
Merle Thompson. Post-Polio Network (NSW) Inc.

Post-Polio Syndrome: The Late Effects of Polio (1998)
Polio Quebec

"The Late Effects of Polio: They are Real & There is Help" (1999)
Joan L. Headley. Disability Issues (Vol. 19, No. 4)

Identifying Best Practices in Diagnosis & Care (2001)
March of Dimes

Guidelines for peaple who have had polio (2001)
March of Dimes

Syndrome Post-Polio: Les effets tardifs de la polio (2002) (French)
Polio Quebec

Save Our Shoulders: A Guide for Polio Survivors (2003)
Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute

Polio Survivors in the U.S., 1915-2000: Age Distribution Data (2006)
Lawrence C. Becker, PhD

Guidelines for Establishing a Water Exercise Program for Post-Polio Participants (2008)
Lanny Taschuk; Patrick Fleck
Post-Polio Awareness and Support Society of British Colombia (PPASSBC)

La Poliomielitis y Sus Efectos Tardíos; El Caso de México (2014) (Spanish)
Psic Sergio Augusto Vistrain y Dr Daniel Elizondo Martínez

Post-Polio Sendromu Hasta Kitapçığı (2014) (Turkish)
Prof Dr Arzu Yağız On
Ege Üniversitesi

A Rotarian's Primer on Polio Eradication and Polio Survivor Support (revised 2015)
Al Bonney; Ann Lee Hussey; Joan L. Headley


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