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Medical Articles

The list of medical articles in this section date from 1981 to present and focus on polio's late effects, post-polio syndrome and aging with polio. They are listed in alphabetical order by first author. 

References noted with the check mark are classic or seminal articles, summary articles or articles reporting longitudinal studies.

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Hidden and Dangerous, Polio Could be soon wiped out--but only if scientist can track down the last carriers

Branswell, H.

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Energy demands of walking in persons with postpoliomyelitis syndrome: relationship with muscle strength and reproducibility

Brehm, M. Nollet, F., Harlaar, J.

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Effect of carbon-composite knee-ankle-foot orthoses on walking efficiency and gait in former polio patients

Brehm, M., Beelen, A., Doorenbosch, C., Harlaar, J., Nollet, F.

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Does a subgroup of postpolio patients need different management?

Bridgens R

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Post-polio syndrome--polio's legacy

Bridgens, R., Sturman, S., Davidson, C.

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Intra-rater reliability of arm and hand muscle strength measurements in persons with late effects of polio

Brogårdh C, Flansbjer UB, Carlsson H, Lexell J

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Determinants of falls and fear of falling in ambulatory persons with late effects of polio

Brogårdh C, Flansbjer UB, Lexell J

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Relationship between self-reported walking ability and objectively assessed gait performance in persons with late effects of polio

Brogårdh, C., Flansbjer, U.B., Espelund, C., Lexell, J.

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No effects of whole-body vibration training on muscle strength and and performance in persons with late effects of polio: A pilot study

Brogårdh, C., Flansbjer, U.B., Lexell, J.

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Construct Validity of a New Rating Scale for Self-Reported Impairments in Persons With Late Effects of Polio

Brogårdh, C., Lexell, J., Lundgren-Nilsson, A.

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