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The list of medical articles in this section date from 1981 to present and focus on polio's late effects, post-polio syndrome and aging with polio. They are listed in alphabetical order by first author. 

References noted with the check mark are classic or seminal articles, summary articles or articles reporting longitudinal studies.

To find major medical articles about the cause of poliomyelitis and the extensive search for a safe and viable vaccine, visit  the "Major Articles" tab in each of the entries of "People." 

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Neuropsychology of Post-polio Fatigue

Bruno, R.L. Galski, T. & DeLuca, J.

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Bromocriptine in the treatment of post-polio fatigue: A pilot study with implications for the pathophysiology of fatigue

Bruno, R.L., Zimmerman, J.R., Creange, S., Lewis, T., Molzen, T., & Frick, N.

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Guest Editorial: Post-Polio Dysphagia: Alarm or Caution?

Buchholz, D., Jones, B.

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The influence of post-polio syndrome on independence and life satisfaction

Burger, H., & Marincek, C.

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Psychometric properties of the Fatigue Severity Scale in polio survivors

Burger, H., Franchignoni, F., Puzić, N. Giordano, A

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Health-related quality of life and supportive care in patients with rare long-term neurological conditions

Calvert, M., Pall, H., Hoppitt, T., Eaton, B., Savill, E., Sackley, C.

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Persistent Poliovirus Infection: Development of New Models with Cell Lines

Calvez, V., Pelletier, I., Guedo, N., Borzakian, S., Couderc, T., Blondel, B., Colbere-Garapin, F.

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Secondary health conditions among middle-aged individuals with chronic physical disabilities: Implications for unmet needs for services

Campbell, M.L., Sheets, D., & Strong, P.S.

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Physical therapist management following rotator cuff repair on a patient with Post-polio Syndrome

Carlson, M., Hadlock, T.

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Magnetic resonance findings of the anterior horns of the spinal cord in a patient with post-polio syndrome

Carod-Artal, F.J., Vargas, A.P., del Negro, M.C., & Lima, G.A.

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