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Medical Articles

The list of medical articles in this section date from 1981 to present and focus on polio's late effects, post-polio syndrome and aging with polio. They are listed in alphabetical order by first author. 

References noted with the check mark are classic or seminal articles, summary articles or articles reporting longitudinal studies.

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Prediction of walking possibility in crawling children in poliomyelitis

Arora, S., Tandon, H.

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Living with polio and Post-polio Syndrome in the United Kingdom

Atwal, A., Giles, A., Spiliotopoulou, G., Plastow, N., Wilson, L.

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Polio survivors' perceptions of the meaning of quality of life and strategies used to promote participation in everyday activities

Atwal, A., Spiliotopoulou, G., Coleman, C., Harding, K., Quirke, C., Smith, N., Osseiran, Z., Plastow, N. and Wilson, L.

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Airway secretion clearance of mechanical exsufflation for post-poliomyelitis ventilator-assisted individuals

Bach JR, Smith WH, Michaels J, Saporito L, Alba AS, Dayal R, Pan J.

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Management of post-polio respiratory sequelae

Bach, J.

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Pulmonary Dysfunction and Sleep Disordered Breathing as Post-Polio Sequelae: Evaluation and Management

Bach, J., Alba, A.

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Mouth intermittent positive pressure ventilation in the management of post-polio respiratory insufficiency

Bach, J., Alba, A., Bohatiuk, G., Saporito, L., & Lee, M.

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Intermittent positive pressure ventilation via nasal access in the management of respiratory insufficiency

Bach, J., Alba, A., Mosher, R., & Delaubier, A.

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Pulmonary dysfunction and its management in post-polio patients

Bach, J.R. & Tilton, M.

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Management of chronic alveolar hypoventilation by nasal ventilation

Bach, J.R., & Alba, A.

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