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Medical Articles

The list of medical articles in this section date from 1981 to present and focus on polio's late effects, post-polio syndrome and aging with polio. They are listed in alphabetical order by first author. 

References noted with the check mark are classic or seminal articles, summary articles or articles reporting longitudinal studies.

To find major medical articles about the cause of poliomyelitis and the extensive search for a safe and viable vaccine, visit  the "Major Articles" tab in each of the entries of "People." 

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Management of chronic alveolar hypoventilation by nasal ventilation

Bach, J.R., & Alba, A.

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Neuromuscular ventilatory insufficiency: Effect of home mechanical ventilator use vs. oxygen therapy on pneumonia and hospitalization rates

Bach,J., Rajaraman, R., Ballanger,F., Tzeng A., Ishikawa,Y., Kulessa,R., & Bansal,T

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Virology of the Post-polio Syndrome

Baj, A., Monaco, S., Zanusso, G., Dall’ora, E., Bertolasi, L., Toniolo, A.

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Neuromuscular symptoms in patients with previous poliomyelitis: A New Zealand study

Baker, P.C.H.

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Postpolio syndrome--response to deprenyl (selegiline)

Bamford, C.R., Montgomery, E.B. Jr, Munoz, J.E., Stumpf, C., Pry ,S., Namerow, N.S.

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Basal metabolic rate and body composition in patients with post-polio syndrome

Bargieri, J.V., Quadros, A. A., Pereira, R.D., Oliveria, A. J., Lazaretti-Castro, M., Silva, A.C.

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Recognizing post-polio syndrome

Bartfeld, H., & Ma, D.

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Relevance of the Post-Polio Syndrome to Other Motor Neuron Diseases: Relevance to Viral (Enteroviral) Infections

Bartfeld, H., Donnenfeld, H., Kascsak, R.

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Absence of SMN gene deletion in post-polio syndrome

Bartholdi, D., Gonzalez, H., Borg, K., & Melki, J.

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Long term non-invasive ventilation in the community for patients with musculoskeletal disorders: 46 year experience and review

Baydur, A., Layne, E., Aral, H., Krishnareddy, N., Topacio, R., Frederick, G., & Bodden, W.

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