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The number of movies, videos and radio clips with content related to polio in the early days is limited.

Due to advances in technology, the number of multi-media sources for polio and post-polio is constantly increasing.

This section describes what is available and, when possible, links to the content.

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Cheri Ford's Polio Ward

Provided courtesy of polio survivor Cheri Ford, this video offers a glimpse of the polio ward at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Pontiac, Michigan where Cheri was treated.  It is narrated by Cheri's parents.

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Communicating for Understanding

Stephanie T. Machell, PsyD Aging and PPS affect all relationships, not just those with family members. It can be difficult to know how to discuss the changes that have occurred or are occurring, even with close friends. It can be even more difficult to know how (or if, or when) to present this information to new friends or potential relationship partners. Learn some ideas for how (or if, or when) to talk about disability and PPS with friends and others.

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Coping Successfully with Polio's Late Effects

A 1989 group discussion about new late effects of polio led by Allison (Sunny) Roller and Frederick Maynard, MD, University of Michigan. 

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Custom Footwear for a Polio Patient

This video shows an example of the process of creating a custom-made shoe for a polio survior.

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Diseases on the Brink: Polio

From The New York Times reporters Celia W. Dugger and Donald G. McDonald Jr. is this documentary film clip that profiles five diseases and the international efforts towards eradication--including polio.

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Dorothy Horstmann: Polio Pioneer

Yale researcher Dorothy Horstmann made seminal discoveries about the course of polio that supported the ultimate development of a vaccine. Her former mentee, George Miller reflects on Horstmann's science and life. Deputy Dean Carolyn Slayman talks about Horstmann's groundbreaking role as a woman in medicine. This video was produced by the Yale School of Medicine as part of their "Bicentennial Voices" series.  It was released in 2011.

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Elizabeth Martinez - Discapacidad O Nuevas Capacidades

A video on the life and struggle of Elizabeth Martinez of Nicaragua, who had polio as a child and uses a wheelchair. She graduated as a psychologist from the Universidad Centroamericana in Managua and works as a teacher and psychologist. She speaks of the support of her family and many friends, and her Christian faith.

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Elizabeth Martinez - Nunca Dejemos de Soñar

This short video was made by Elizabeth Martinez of Nicaragua on her own life and her struggle to study and grow as a person. She had polio as a child and used wheelchair. She graduated with a degree in psychology from the Universidad Centroamericana in Managua and works as a teacher and psychologist. 

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European Conferences on Post-Polio Syndrome

Filmed presentations from the 1st European Conference on Post Polio Syndrome: Post Polio Syndrome - a challenge of today held August 31 - September 2, 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark are available at: www.informed-scientist.org/congress/european-conference-on-post-polio-sy...

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American Experience (PBS). Narrated by David McCullough from the "Presidents Series," this film documentary entitled, "F.D.R." is a consummate and comprehensive biography of the 32nd president of the United States.

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