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The number of movies, videos and radio clips with content related to polio in the early days is limited.

Due to advances in technology, the number of multi-media sources for polio and post-polio is constantly increasing.

This section describes what is available and, when possible, links to the content.

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Polio Revisited

From Retirement Living, David Wasser presents Polio Revisited. This 2008 multi-part series looks back at the height of America's Polio outbreak and hears from victims, survivors, and health professionals about why we must remain vigilant against this disabling disease. Among the experts interviewed are survivor Daniel Wilson, PhD, Lauro Halstead, MD and Julie Silver, MD.

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Polio True Story - Kamran

From UNICEF Pakistan, an Urdu-language interview and profile of a young Pakistani polio survivor, Kamran Khan. Kamran was a year and a half when diagnosed with polio. Initially, when he was very young, he didn't understand why he couldn't play like other children, but as he grew older, he began to understand what it meant to have polio. Now as a teenager, he is experiencing a very different life to others around him.

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Polio: Combating the Crippler

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) "Polio: Combating the Crippler” radio and television archives provide live broadcast vignettes on the history of polio, from pre-vaccination epidemics, to successful vaccine discovery, to current post-polio syndrome struggles today.

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Polio: then and now

This 2016 Australian podcast from Radio National discusses the fear associated with the major polio epidemics of the mid-20th century, as well as the late effects of polio that survivors are currently experiencing. Interviewees include author Kerry Highley, and survivors John Tierney, Gillian Thomas, and Billie Thow.

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Post-Polio Syndrome Slide Kit

Post-Polio Syndrome Slide Kit (PDF)

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Post-Polio Syndrome with Marny Eulberg, MD

Published by The Prairie Doc and filmed in 2014 at South Dakota State University, polio survivor and physician Marny Eulberg gives an overview of the late effects of polio followed by a brief discussion of eradication progress.

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Post-Polio Syndrome: A New Challenge for the Survivors of Polio (CD ROM, 1997)

From the Post-Polio Task Force. Provides information adapted from a program for physicians and patients about post-polio syndrome. Topics include the physiologic mechanisms that have been proposed to explain the emergence of post-polio syndrome (PPS) in polio survivors, how PPS can be distinguished form other diseases and how it is currently treated. Contributors include Dr. Daria Trojan and Dr. Neil Cashman.

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Post-polio syndrome: The sequel

This short piece produced by Canada's CBC from 1986, provides a brief overview of the late effects of polio. Guests include Alan Goldburn, Roger Goldstein and Elsie Sample.

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Post-Polio Wellness Retreat - Introduction

This is the first of a series of filmed interviews and activities from the 2009 Post-Polio Wellness Retreat at Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation in Georgia.

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Post-Polio Wellness Retreat - Adaptive Cardio

Part of a series of filmed interviews and activities from the 2009 Post-Polio Wellness Retreat at Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation in Georgia. Sponsored in partnership with the National Center on Physical Activity and Disability (NCPAD) (http://www.ncpad.org/), the "Camp Dream" experience is recorded as polio survivors explain and demonstrate some adaptive cardio exercises. Filmed by videographer Barry Burman of NCPAD.

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