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The number of movies, videos and radio clips with content related to polio in the early days is limited.

Due to advances in technology, the number of multi-media sources for polio and post-polio is constantly increasing.

This section describes what is available and, when possible, links to the content.

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Update on PHI-funded Research - Carolyn P. Da Silva, PT, DSc, NCS; Claire Z. Kalpakjian, PhD

Carolyn (Kelley) Da Silva, PT, DSc, NCS, Texas Woman's University, summarizes her PHI-funded study on the effects of whole body vibration on people with post-polio syndrome. The discussion includes the benefits found in existing publications, description of typical basic vibration sessions, and description of who can and cannot participate in whole body vibration.

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Urban Reality

The documentary film "Urban Reality" highlights the difficulties of a Brazilian citizen, a victim of polio. The barriers faced by the protagonist Rosângela Botelho in her daily life, reflect the reality experienced by many disabled people in the Amazon region. The current situation worsens the quality of life and violates the human rights of thousands of people in Brazil: data from Census 2010 showed the country has 45.623.910 inhabitants who have some kind of disability.

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What Polio Survivors Want Their Health Care Providers to Know

Produced by Linda Jessup and Rotary District 5440 "Hear first-hand from the survivors of the great polio epidemics of the ‘30’s, 40’s and 50’s about the problems they have now developed years later. Expand your understanding of Post Polio Syndrome. Pick up some important, practical—even life-saving--tips about how to deal with some of the major concerns Post Polio people face. From the creators of 'Faces of Polio in the USA.'"

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Yes You Can!

Art Centered Therapy for People with Disabilities The Story of Mickie McGraw & the Art Therapy Studio Judith A. Rubin, Ph.D., ATR-BC

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Yoga for Post-Polio Patients

"Our goal in this video is to introduce Hatha yoga, breath awareness and stress reduction to people with Post-Polio Syndrome in order to increase their energy, reduce fatigue and create an increased sense of well-being. These exercises and postures can be modified according to one's abilities and limitations and can be utilized and integrated with most other medical treatment plans that a patient may be following."  -David Riley, MD

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