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Searching the world wide web for "polio" or "post-polio" can result in hundreds and hundreds of hits. This section lists, describes, rates and links to selected sites. They are listed alphabetically within the ratings of excellent, very good and good. The category search tool narrows the list of sites of interest to eleven specific groups.  

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Polio Disease: Questions and Answers

From the CDC website, this FAQ on the polio disease and vaccines covers information about vaccine types, scheduling and concerns regarding the vaccine-derived polio virus. National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, 2014.

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Polio Research Today

In the form of a monthly online journal, this site offers links to medical journal articles (abstracts or full text), notes and reference information on the topic including the virus, causes, vaccines, symptoms, treatment. There are in-depth book reviews of recommended literature on the topic. © 2004-2012 Polio Research Today.

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Polio Vaccine 50th Anniversary: Building on a Half Century of Success

From the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, this website provides a historical overview of Polio Vaccine's 50th Anniversary with archival photos and links to related sites.

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Post-Polio Canada

Post-Polio Canada is a program of March of Dimes Canada. Since 1951, March of Dimes Canada has worked to eradicate the threat of polio in Canada and provide support services to polio survivors. Post-Polio Canada works with peer support groups nationwide to connect polio survivors. The program also provides education for those unfamiliar with polio and resources to caregivers helping those with post-polio syndrome.

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Post-Polio Syndrome Fact Sheet

From the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Institutes of Health, is this fact regarding post-polio syndrome, its diagnosis and treatments and the role of exercise.

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unicef - Polio

A brief fact sheet on the polio disease and basic immunization and vaccine schedule recommendations globally, and the organization's procurement of oral polio vaccine for the National Immunization Days.

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VaccinePlace.com - Polio

This website is a service of Sanofi Pasteur Inc. and provides a good overview about most aspects of polio, including the disease, vaccination and eradication. Helpful links to other resources especially, CDC sites, are included. © 2015 Sanofi Pasteur Inc.

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Wikipedia - Poliomyelitis

The entry on Polio is broad-based with historical, clinical, and current information that is organized into categories such as Cause, Transmission, Classification, Mechanism, Prognosis, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention, Eradication, and History. Includes charts, pictures and graphics. Also contains short biograhies of high-profile polio survivors in the fields of Science and Medicine, Business, Politics, Disability Rights Activists, Music, Visual Arts, Writers, Sports, Film, Television and  Radio.

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